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San Michele di Valestra

San Michele di Valestra

San Michele di Valestra is a Bronze Age settlement discovered in the ‘50ies, but the old studies did not highlight the full archaeological potential of the site. In 2017 the archaeological sequence has been re-investigated in the framework of the SUCCESSO-TERRA Project.

The site of San Michele di Valestra is probably the longest and best-preserved sequence for the Bronze Age in the Apennines, and offers the opportunity to understand the subsistence strategies in this environment. Archaeological and archaeozoological materials testify continuity of the frequentation of the site from the beginning of the Recent Bronze Age up to the end of the Final Bronze Age. The transition between these two periods is not registered by any discontinuity in the stratigraphy, furtherly indicating uninterrupted activity of the site through and beyond the Terramare crisis.

Palaeobotanical analysis and palaeoclimatic studies on speleothems will explain the main climatic changes affecting the area and possibly shed light on the kind of response adopted by human groups to a changing environment.

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