Successo Terra


Human Societies, Climatic/Environmental Changes and Exploitation/Sustainability of Natural Resources in the Po Plain during the Mid-Holocene. The case study of the Terramare culture.

Our land is telling a long history

Echoes of 3000 year-old climatic and social crisis remind us of modern challenges. Studying this past is key to become aware of today’s environmental resources.

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3000 Years Ago

After 300 years of intense development, the Terramare — the Bronze Age villages of the Po Valley — suddenly disappeared, perhaps due to a climate crisis and the unsustainable exploitation of the resources.


The study of natural and archaeological stratigraphies, combined with high-resolution palynological surveys, allows us to gain unprecedented knowledge about the speed of climate changes and the extent of the anthropic impact in the Po Valley and in the Middle Apennines.

A Chance for Reflection

This is a great opportunity to reflect, both as individuals and as a community, on the relationship between rapid environmental changes, anthropic impact and sustainable development: a topical issue for citizens, students, scientists and a guidance for future policy on Environment and Society.

Successo-Terra is a collaborative effort by Università degli Studi di Milano and Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia.