Successo Terra
Project and Sites

About the Project

SUCCESSO-TERRA is a 3-year research project funded by Ministry of Education, University and Research investigating the climate-environment-human relationships through a multidisciplinary approach based on the geoarchaeological and biological expertises of the two Research Units (UNIMI and UNIMORE) applied on newly excavated key sites of the Terramare culture (Bronze Age, Po plain, Northern Italy).

SUCCESSO-TERRA deals with a highly topical issue: the reaction to a rapid social-climatic crisis, a subject linked to the current debate on the rapid environmental variations, anthropic impact and sustainable development.

The project aimed at reconstructing the environmental changes occurred in Northern Italy and in the Mediterranean area during the Mid-Holocene. The main aim is to investigate the relationships between climatic changes and human activities during the Bronze Age, in order to understand the interaction between ecosystems and human communities.

About the Project

The Sites

SUCCESSO-TERRA considers three Bronze Age sites of the Emilia Romagna region: two in the Po Plain (Poviglio, Noceto) and one in the Northern Apennines (San Michele di Valestra). These are key sites for the understanding of the environmental-societal dynamics in the area during the middle Holocene.